Thank you so much for your referral!

We promise to provide excellent care for all of your patients!

Please send us this referral slip along with any corresponding x-rays to If fax is more convenient for you,
you may also fax them to: (303)225-4733.

It is a great help to us if you can please include the patient's full name and the date the x-ray was taken in the email.
If the x-ray will be sent with the patient please note this on the referral form.

We are happy to accommodate any same-day dental emergency patients you refer over.

For referring dental staff members calling our office to request a same-day emergency appointment, it is helpful for our office if you can please be prepared to answer these questions about your patient for Dr. Catalano when you call:

  • Is the patient in pain or swollen?
  • Is the patient currently taking any  Anticoagulants (bloodthinners)?
    For example:
    - Aspirin (daily) 
    - Apixaban(Eliquis)
    - Dabigatran(Pradaxa)
    - Edoxaban(Savaysa)
    - Fondaparinux(Arixtra)
    - Heparin(Fragmin, Innohep, and Lovenox)
    - Rivaroxaban(Xarelto)
    - Warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven)
    If so, when/what was their last dose taken?
  • Does the patient need to pre-medicate or have they pre-medicated already today and if so when?
  • Is the patient interested in oral sedation today? (ie. valium) If so, what are their drug allergies?
  • Is the patient interested in having a possible future dental implant placed in the area of the extraction?